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Cut at the bottom
Real Pain in the ass.

Fissure in ano in simple terms is the cut at the anal opening. No wonder the phrase ‘pain in the ass’ is understood by one and all. Though such pain is experienced by most of us at one or the other time, it becomes a   nightmare when the pain returns every morning at the time of daily duty. Sometimes it lasts for more than an hour after the passage of motion. Many a times the pain is so excruciating that the patient avoids food expecting it to reduce the number of visits to the toilet. Though prima facie is a sound idea, it does not work that way. Fasting is rather harmful. It hardens stools. Harder the stools, more is the pain.  If fasting does not work, What does actually work?

Some habits are important. Good high fiber diet makes it easy to evacuate. Each meal should have some kind of fiber in it. It can be either a cucumber or carrot slices or fruits like oranges, Sweet lemon or even apples. Drink good amount of water alongside. Never strain during the act of evacuation. As the straining results in opposing forces acting at the anus resulting in a crack.This crack bares the sensitive delicate nerve endings. When the motion rubs against it, it causes pain. This in turn tightens the anus. More tight the anus, more is the pain next time. This is a bad cycle. Aim of any treatment is to break this cycle.

If the tablets work, the person may not need any surgery. Although if the pain is severe and is not relieved by any other measures, Surgery comes into picture. Lords procedure is a daycare Surgery. No surgical cuts are taken. More severe the pain of the acute condition, more dramatic are the results. It relieves the spasm and brings back the smiles. 

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