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Cancer Esophagus

Dr. Shriniwas Deshpande MS General Surgeon

Cancer of the esophagus is a very common type of cancer.
Unfortunately it is detected at late stage. Common  reason for late detection is  the ignorance regarding early symptoms. 

Difficulty in swallowing
is the commonest symptom.
Initially the difficulty is for solid food. at that stage liquids and semisolid food is easily swallowed.
At this stage most of the patients adjust to suitable food stuff rather than getting the proper medical attention.
Weight loss, loss of appetite are other accompanying symptoms. Weight loss is quite significant and is easily pointed out by friends and relatives.
Cough during the meals is one more symptom suggestive of aspiration of foodstuff in respiratory tract.

Diagnosis is made by high degree of suspicion.
Barium swallow is easily available investigation which shows level and type of esophageal obstruction.
Endoscopy with biopsy is the next investigation of choice.
After confirmation of the diagnosis,  
USG abdomen, EUS, and CT abdomen and thorax are done for the preoperative staging.
Surgery can give Curative benefit in early stages.
Japanese Studies have shown encouraging results.
In Japan all attempts are made to detect the presence of Cancer at early stage.  Even if the disease is very small in its existence it is treated quite vigorously. Extensive radical surgery is done.
In other countries including USA and India, the disease presents at relatively later stage.
Radiotherapy , chemotherapy, Endoscopic stent placement are the other modalities used as supportive measures.
Aiming the best results in Indian Population, large scale awareness program are necessary. Programs should be incessantly run to detect the disease at early stage.
Campaigns to stop  tobacco use by the general population is a must. 

 Don't Ignore

 Difficulty in swallowing

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