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Let the Battle Begin. 

It is not easy for anyone to accept the diagnosis of a cancer. The shocking news hits the person like a thunderbolt. The blow is harsh as it catches the person off guard.   Patient's initial reaction is that of a denial. Which is quite natural. 

No one is prepared to face it until one gets it. Immediately one starts brooding over the terrifying stories heard.

Fortunately not all cancers are alike, so are not all patient types. Time advances so do the treatment facilities.  Currently there are tons of success stories about the cancer battle.  


Undoubtedly cancer is a formidable attacker. One needs great strength and considerable resources to fight it. However enormity of the struggle builds up the distress. Distress invites confusion that weakens the overall battle preparation. 

Acknowledging the diagnosis could be troublesome for the new patient. At the same time it is the first giant step in the positive direction. Patient should be counselled gently and methodically to accept it.

For any fight optimum psychological and physical preparation is desired. Well informed patient musters up courage and develops confidence in the treatment and the treating doctor. He readily participates in the discussions. As a consequence he precisely realizes the role of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Medicine is advancing with each passing day. Patient's well being is protected by the latest technology, up to date protocols & revised guidelines.  

Undoubtedly no one enters this battle by choice. Regrettably not everyone can escape from it. Consultants are prepared to be by the side of the patient when the patient is in troubled waters. Fine doctor-patient bonding makes the journey soothing.

Trust is the essence of any good relationship.
It is precious specially  when the patient suffers from the disease like Cancer.   

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